Visit Cadaqués and enjoy an excellent meal at one of the most beautiful beaches of the natural park, Cala Joncols.


​Discover the hidden places of the natural park of Cap de Creus and Cadaqués, where you will enjoy a break to visit the village during an hour and a half, and afterwards, enjoy an excellent paella at Cala Joncols, in the middle of the natural park of Cap de Creus, during three hours.

Our journey starts early in the morning : We will board our passengers at Santa Margarita and Roses, and then we depart to our great adventure which will take most of the day. We will explore all the hidden corners of the natural park of Cap de Creus, and enjoy an excellent choice of food (snacks, salad with sardines, fideuà, fresh fruit, sangria, rosé wine and water)

1. We will visit the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, enjoying a landscape visible only from the sea, discovering mysterious caves that will inspire your imagination, breathtaking cliffs that make you feel tiny, unforgettably beautiful creeks like Cala Joncols or Almadrava.

2. After visiting the coastline, we will arrive at Cadaqués. This village is the famous sureealist painter Salvador Dalí's birthplace. We land directly in the middle of the old town, where we take a break for an hour an a half, offering the possibility of visiting this beautiful fisher's town.

3. After the break at charming Cadaqués, we embark again towards Cala Joncols, a creek located in the natural park, where you will enjoy an excellent meal, and a pleasant day at this wonderful beach.

4. Finally, we return to Santa Margarita and Roses, where we will land at around 5:00 PM

Information :

​​After visiting Cadaqués, enjoy a pleasant meal at one of the beautiful creeks in the Natural Park, Cala Joncols.

Departures :

Tuesday Friday

From Sta.Margarita :
09:45 h
17:00 h

From Roses :
10:00 h
17:15 h

Stop time : 01:30 h

Price: 35.00 € More information